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IInd USBf Logo 2nd Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival, Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve

4th – 8th February 2015 (5 days)

Background: The Uttarakhand Bird-watching Programme was launched in February 2012 by the Ecotourism Wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department. Under their aegis, twenty-four bird-watching camps have been conducted during the last two years at various birding destinations in Uttarakhand. These were attended by nearly 500 forest staff, nature guides, tour operators, students and villagers, who benefitted from the bird-watching and interpretation training in these camps. The First Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival was organized at Asan Conservation Reserve from the 5th to 9th of February 2014. During this festival, several publications were brought out to raise awareness about bird-watching in the state.

The 2nd Bird Festival aims to build on the gains made during the Uttarakhand Bird-watching Programme and subsequently during the previous festival, and will help attract bird-watchers to the Kumaon region.

Purpose : The purpose of the USBF is to promote Uttarakhand as a bird-watching destination by scaling-up guiding and bird-watching activity.

The specific objectives of the 2nd Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival 2015 are:

•  To increase awareness about birds and mobilise public support for bird conservation.

•  To improve bird-watching and interpretation skills of bird guides, rural tourism operators and researchers.

•  To promote community-based tourism enterprises and provide an opportunity for networking amongst bird guides and bird-tour operators in the state

•  To promote Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve as a bird-watching destination.

Venue: The 2 nd USBF will be organized at the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve situated close to Kaladhungi / Ramnagar in Nainital District of Uttarakhand. Guided bird-watching will be conducted at Kyari, Sitabani, Pawalgarh and at Kaladhungi. The Festival activities will be conducted at the Centre for Ecotourism at Chunakhan near Bailparao. A preparatory Bird-watching camp for guides will be conducted at Kyari during 12-14 Dec. 2014. The Festival will also showcase the Jim Corbett Legacy.

Partners : The event will be organized by the Uttarakhand Forest Department in partnership with NGOs (Titli Trust, Nature Science Initiative, Rainbow Friends of Nature and Environment, Waste Warriors, BNHS, WWF and Kalpavriksh), Wildlife Institute of India, KMVN, IHM, & bird tour operators. A delegation from Griffith University, Australia may also participate.

Programme & Activities : The 2nd USBF 2015 will be inaugurated on Wednesday 4th February and culminate on Sunday 8th February 2015. The festival will include guided bird-watching, exhibitions (scientific displays, including demonstrations of equipment and activities), a rural tourism mart, vendors, food stalls, lectures, film shows, popular activities based on birds (book reading, quiz, etc.) and cultural performances. Workshops including on bird photography techniques, destination planning and bird art, are also slated to be held.

Publications: An Updated Checklist of Birds of Uttarakhand, Booklet on 20 Birding Hotspots of Uttarakhand, a CD on bird calls and an informative poster on woodpeckers are being reproduced.

New publications will include an eight-page bulletin on the bird festival and a brochure on Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve. Materials will also be developed in Hindi. The event will be promoted on Google Maps, Facebook and YouTube.

Participants : The Festival is a large-scale event that will bring together, bird guides, forest staff, visitors, local community ventures, students and the general public. The participants are expected to come largely from Ramnagar, Nainital and Haldwani and other parts of Uttarakhand, as well as from Delhi, Punjab and HP.

Registration : There will be prior registration for guided Bird-watching and Bird Photography workshops . Attendance at ceremonies will be by invitation only.

Download :  Day to Day program at USBF II

Further Information and Contact : Tel/Fax: +-91-135-2669227; www.uttarakhand birdfestival.in ; Face book Birding in Uttarakhand; CCF Ecotourism ccfecotourism_ua@rediffmail.com ; Sanjay Sondhi sanjay.sondhi1@gmail.com ; Rajiv Bhartari rajivbhartari@gmail.com, Anjlee Verma anjleeverma@gmail.com